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There has been a notable increase in workplace intrusions over the past few years and this has raised a lot of questions about workplace security. As a business owner, security should be the least of your concerns considering the enormous workload you have to deal with every day. This is why it is important to ensure that you have installed the best security systems on your business premises and this includes a well-functioning video surveillance system. They allow you to monitor every inch of your office space at all times and you can always go back and review footage in case you need to confirm something that has already happened. 

What are some of the benefits of video surveillance at the office? 

Enhanced Security Cameras

When you have CCTV cameras installed at different points on your business premises, you’re automatically improving the security by about tenfold. Security cameras, especially when installed in the right places can monitor anyone entering or leaving the workplace at all times. Some even have the option of providing a live feed so your security team can act on threats in real-time. Finally, video surveillance has the effect of deterring intruders and it generally makes employees feel safer which is always good for their productivity.

Effectively Discourage Illegal Activity

There is no doubt that having video surveillance on your business premises can significantly reduce incidences of workplace crime. This covers both internal crimes orchestrated by people from the inside and external crimes orchestrated by outsiders. How this works is that whenever potential criminals know that they are being watched and could easily be identified, they are more reluctant to intrude on such an establishment. Even statistics can easily back this claim; of all the recent workplace intrusions there have been, most of them happened in places without surveillance and even those that happened in places with surveillance didn’t get too far as they were identified and arrested. Therefore, even if your video surveillance system will not deter them, they have a very minimal chance of getting away with it.

Results in Convincing Evidence

The good thing about video surveillance is that it covers everything and this includes the normal day-to-day activities of the business. Therefore, if there are any claims against the company by employers, footage can easily be accessed and evidence found to determine whether those claims are true. This is especially ideal for workers’ compensation claims where an employee will seek compensation for injuries sustained in the workplace. If you have quality video surveillance, you can just look for the footage of the said day and confirm whether the claims are true or not so that you can proceed with the compensation claim.


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Factors To Consider When Installing A Surveillance System

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of having video surveillance, it is also important that you know what factors need to be considered when installing a surveillance system. It is worth pointing out that different businesses have different surveillance needs and what might suit your business, might not necessarily be ideal for another business. 

Cost/ Investment

Although this shouldn’t be the number one priority, it is up there among the top considerations. Money is always an issue and different businesses operate with different budgets. You should always go for a surveillance system that is within your budget. However, be careful to avoid falling prey to cheap scams. You always get what you pay for so when you go for ridiculously cheap offers, there’s a good chance that the quality will be slightly lacking. This doesn’t mean that the most expensive systems are necessarily the best quality. You need to look at other factors but be sure to prioritize quality over savings.

Kind of Surveillance Camera

There are generally two types of cameras that are mostly used for surveillance; internet protocol (IP) and analog cameras. Just like the name suggests, analog cameras are the ones that have traditionally been used but the dynamics are swiftly shifting in favor of internet protocol cameras. They mostly have an edge over analog cameras in terms of features and capabilities which explains the general shift in their favor. The best part of IP cameras is that they are networked, capture images in a higher resolution, and also enable automatic alerts, video analytics, and more.

Preferred Features

Video surveillance systems provide a plethora of features such as night vision, smart motion detection, and even pan/tilt/zoom features. The onus is therefore on you to evaluate which features you need and select the surveillance system accordingly. For instance, if you’re looking for a system that’s primarily designed for nighttime, then you should opt for the one with strong night vision capabilities and 24/7 alerts.

Areas Needing Protection

There are so many different areas within the business premise that will require protection. Different cameras are suited for different positions which is why you need an evaluation before purchasing anything. For example, if you plan on monitoring the entrance points, then you’ll need all-weather cameras with a wide enough angle and smart intrusion features for the best experience.

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