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V.Q.C. Security Has a Quest to Bring Pro Audio Quality Sound Systems to The Consumer Market

Let the experts at V.Q.C. Security, Woodsfield, Ohio’s largest lighting & audio design & installation service for professional recording studios, concert venues, schools, houses of worship & more. We have experienced staff & equipment installation experts for your every need!

Professional Home Video, Audio Installation Services Provided By V.Q.C. Security offers the finest in home theater and audio electronics and professional sound installation to meet your personal A/V needs. With trained professionals and years of experience in creating and installing custom audio and theater solutions, our team of professional installation experts are here to help turn your theater vision into a reality.

For a free on-site consultation, contact our pro audio home theater installation expert Josh Allen.
Audio/Video Recording Installation Services Provided By V.Q.C. Security. who is proud to offer professional audio and video recording installation services to the greater Woodsfield, Ohio area.

Enhanced Audio Quality For Your Personal and Professional Needs

Choosing the Best Gear For You


  • Ensure that you buy the microphone that is best suitable for your location: For example, if you are in a studio recording, get a ribbon and large diaphragm condenser mic or handheld mic. For live sound, get an omnidirectional dynamic mic or shotgun mic on a boom pole. If you’re in a band, browse through musical instruments including keyboards, drums, guitars, and so on.
  • DJs can find turntables, mixers, audio software, and audio software hardware.
  • We bring in various speakers from the most basic to the most sophisticated, including floorstanding and ceiling mounted speakers. We also carry a wide variety of wireless speaker solutions for your home or business, such as active wireless speakers, passive wireless speakers and sound bar that are perfect for your TV entertainment rooms and AV installers need to provide them with quality loudspeakers at affordable prices


Choosing the Best Gear For You

  • A compatible audio cable is an adapter that allows you to use a set of headphones or speaker with some other piece of audio equipment. There are different types of cables and adapters, but most often they have the same purpose.
  • For media storage solutions, consider CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and flash drives.
  • We have enough audio equipment to outfit any sound system.





We believe our combination of quality services and affordable prices make us the perfect choice for audio solutions. We believe our quality services combined with affordable prices make us the perfect choice.

How Much Is Audio Installation?

Audio installation is a service that allows you to add sound to your house. The only way to know the price of this service is by contacting an pro audio installer at V.Q.C. Security and asking them for a free no-obligation estimate on how much they charge for their services.

What Are The Benefits of Home Theater Speakers?

You’re in for a treat when you get a set of high-quality speakers and or subwoofer. Home theater audio has become somewhat of an obsession to most people, because it’s something that sets your room apart from others, is practical, provides a better quality sound and looks great.

How Do I Get The Most Out of My Home Theater Installation?

A home theater sound system is only as good as the component parts and how they are configured together. This is why it is important to identify the core components of your home theater before purchasing individual products for them.

Benenfits of Using V.Q.C. Security for Pro Audio Installation

V.Q.C. Security allows you to make informed decisions about audio equipment.  We’ve spent years learning and educating others about high quality sound equipment.

V.Q.C. Security audio companies give honest, reliable guidance to help them understand what type of audio equipment they want.

We want you to benefit from this experience so we can work together on your next project to help get it done, and done right. 

Looking for a quality professional audio solutions/video solutions company? We offer a wide range of services and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience.

At our company, we pride ourselves on our expertise and our ability to deliver quality. We understand that audio solutions can be a critical part of your business. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.  .

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Solutions of Businesses and Homes

V.Q.C. Security in addition to designing and installing audio systems, security, and designs for commercial audio, and performances.  Because we work so hard to deliver you nothing short of a great performance. We strive to make sure every experience is a memorable one – whether you prefer to communicate over the phone, or by in-home consultation.

 Our sound design equipment, ranging from mics, mixers, and equalizers to acoustic design and sound reinforcement, can help your business reach new heights.  We make sure every client and project gets the attention it deserves so your job is perfect. Our goal at WOW We don’t take jobs that won’t be done right the first time.

If you’re looking to improve your skills we can help you set up your studio and build out your home.

From gear selection to wiring, our team of professionals can resolve all your audio and recording-related needs. Helping you design and build-into a world-class recording and broadcast facility. We have designed and implemented world-class recording and broadcasting studios: for clients that include Grammy-winning music, educational, and broadcast radio stations.    


Leading educational institutions depend on V.Q.C. Security for help with professional audio installation services.

  Our team installs audio systems throughout the Ohio Valley. An “audio system” is just another term for a home system. If you know the kind of home In addition to being a leading provider of pro audio systems, V.Q.C. Security also has the experience to make sure they are the best suited to make sure it is tailored for your event. We have sound systems that will make a difference.

Heterogeneous worship styles have special demands. If your church has a sound system, it needs to be adjusted to where the volume can vary from a whisper to a scream (depending on your audience’s reactions. Whether your church has a small room needs to be amplified or an acoustics system that reaches the back of the worship room. Security supplies the right equipment, design, and installation to serve any church. We can provide music and spoken word that range from whisper.

V.Q.C. Security has a great team in the Woodsfield, Ohio area that work on pro audio and pro video projects. This team also works on home security. If you are looking for a pro sound/video . We can help you regardless of your budget or the size of your system! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.  .

If you are interested in discussing your project, send us an inquiry or call (740) 827-9801.

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Josh has done a number of different jobs for us. He is prompt and informative and trustworthy. We were very satisfied with his work. He will help you find the best security system and can answer any questions u have he installed our system and cameras in a timely manner and was very picky and always wants it to look as good as possible. We would recommend him to do any job u need done. He is reasonable in his price. He is professional in all he does.
Mike Hughes

Amazing service!!!!! Super professional! *&* trustworthy. Would highly recommend!!!!!!

Jewell Neville