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Woodsfield Job Site & Off Grid Solutions to Help Your Business Keep Going.

V.Q.C. Security offers a full line of security products for Job site, and off grid solutions.

Our solar trailers and Off Grid Solutions offer great protection for all your expensive heavy equipment while preparing the site to be built on when no power is available.

Protect all of your building supplies and tools while under construction from theft and disgruntled employees.

Have multiple build sites going at once? Save time and money by Live Viewing in from your office or anywhere in the world to double check things are going as planned.

Construction Site With Internet Access

Get your own custom solution with our equipment.

Getting prosecution and proving theft has been one of the biggest challenges for construction companies for many years. That is not the case anymore! Our solar trailers and pole mounted solutions will catch everything during and after hours for video evidence after the fact so your guaranteed justice and the bad guys get prosecuted. Our systems don’t sleep and don’t blink! Rest easy knowing we got you covered with our top notch customer service!

No Internet? No Power? No Problem! We got you covered!

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We don’t only create evidence for after the crime is committed. Here at V.Q.C. Security we believe the best thing to do is stop the crime before it happens, Save Money on countless court and lawyer expenses by deterring the person while they are trying to commit the crime. We can connect our systems into our live monitoring company so you will have a live operator keeping an eye on things after hours and shout at the perp through the live speaker to tell them to leave and the police are on the way.

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