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Access control is a system that restricts gate access, access to a room, a specific area, or an entire building. Modern systems are often cloud-based, and users of the system are required to present their credentials to access a site. Credentials can be a keycard, a fob, an app on a mobile device (if the facility has mobile connectivity), or even biometrics. In some systems, users can also present credentials or request access through intercom systems.

Access control systems allow only authorized persons to enter or exit the premises. An access control system may include locks, turnstiles, biometric readers, face recognition readers, RFID readers, boom barriers, etc. 

Key Features of an Access Control System?

There are several types of access control systems on the market, but most of them have core key features in common, including:

Automated Door Management


Alarm Notifications

Facility Mapping

Third-Party Integrations

Multi-tech Cards

Back Office Accessibility

Scheduled Backups

Vehicle Tagging

Reporting and Audits

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All these elements work in concert to provide a complete access control system.

Enhanced Security Cameras

When you have CCTV cameras installed at different points on your business premises, you’re automatically improving the security by about tenfold. Security cameras, especially when installed in the right places can monitor anyone entering or leaving the workplace at all times. Some even have the option of providing a live feed so your security team can act on threats in real-time. Finally, video surveillance has the effect of deterring intruders and it generally makes employees feel safer which is always good for their productivity.

Effectively Discourage Illegal Activity

There is no doubt that having video surveillance on your business premises can significantly reduce incidences of workplace crime. This covers both internal crimes orchestrated by people from the inside and external crimes orchestrated by outsiders. How this works is that whenever potential criminals know that they are being watched and could easily be identified, they are more reluctant to intrude on such an establishment. Even statistics can easily back this claim; of all the recent workplace intrusions there have been, most of them happened in places without surveillance and even those that happened in places with surveillance didn’t get too far as they were identified and arrested. Therefore, even if your video surveillance system will not deter them, they have a very minimal chance of getting away with it.

Results in Convincing Evidence

The good thing about video surveillance is that it covers everything and this includes the normal day-to-day activities of the business. Therefore, if there are any claims against the company by employers, footage can easily be accessed and evidence found to determine whether those claims are true. This is especially ideal for workers’ compensation claims where an employee will seek compensation for injuries sustained in the workplace. If you have quality video surveillance, you can just look for the footage of the said day and confirm whether the claims are true or not so that you can proceed with the compensation claim.


What Are the Key Advantages of Installing an Access Control System?

Access control systems offer great benefits for both security and convenience. The top 6 key advantages of installing an access control system include:

No Hassle With Traditional Keys

Traditional keys require extra work and can pose several security threats. For example, if a key holder loses their key, you may have to change all of the locks to maintain the security of the building. Unlike key systems, access control systems allow you to deactivate an access card and assign a new one—no need to change locks or issue new keys to everyone.

Keeping Unwanted Visitors Out

Access control systems make it less likely that an unwanted visitor will enter your facility. With access control systems, every door requires credentials before it unlocks, so you know everyone in the building is authorized to be there.

Allowing Employees Freedom to Come and Go

Sometimes, security staff will have to unlock doors or stay late to lock up with keyed systems. With access control systems, it is easier to give everyone a programmed card, offering employees more flexibility in their schedules without the need for additional staff to allow access.

Keeping Track of Who Enters The Facility

Another benefit of access control systems is keeping track of who is coming and going. In case of a security incident, you will be able to see who swiped their card to access a specific area.

Setting Specialized Access Parameters

Unlike keyed systems, access control systems allow you to grant access to certain people on specific days and at particular times. You can program any door and any card depending on your needs.

Increased Security For Sensitive Areas

Access control systems allow you to require credentials for entry into sensitive areas, such as data centers or records rooms. This vigilance ensures your facility’s safety and security requirements are met without the hassle of traditional security systems.

Where Access Control Systems Can Be Used?

It depends on the needs of the user. Access system controls are more common in commercial areas. The back room of a bank shouldn’t be a normal door where anyone can sneak in. Access control systems create a much-needed boundary between people and administration. It is an excellent supplement to any security system as well. Anyone can get access control systems installed for security areas. They never disappoint, and with the benefits mentioned above, it is time to have one installed for your business, when your ready to get it done, contact the installation team at V.Q.C. Security.

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Access control systems are a great way to implement security in a way that offers flexibility and convenience. If you’re interested in seeing how an access control system could work in your building or campus, the only way is to go for it. The team that you get your installation from is essential. Professional installation is vital and that can only be possible if you work with a professional company. Before choosing the team you will get your installation from, you can look at various factors. The team you work with will determine the user experience you will get.

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When it comes to protecting your home business and the building’s occupants, access control enables you to control who has access to your facility. Previously locks and keys allowed you to secure your building, but this becomes a costly issue when keys are lost or stolen, and then having to change locks and re-issue keys.

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when access is allowed. Once an access control system is installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed. Anyone without a PIN, card, or fob is unable to enter. If necessary, doors can be set to unlock after a designated time frame.

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